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Book ID:  084482
Nevo, Eviatar, Aharon Oren and Solomon P. Wasser (eds.)

Fungal Life in the Dead Sea. 2003. (Biodiversity of Cyanoprokaryotes, Algae and Fungi of Israel). illus. 325 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. (ISBN 978-3-906166-10-0)
This volume, the fourth volume in the series 'Biodiversity of Cyanoprokaryotes, Algae and Fungi of Israel', opens a novel field of research of fungal life in hypersaline environments. The book is devoted to the biodiversity of fungi of the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea fungal diversity is represented by 70 species belonging to 26 genera and 10 orders of Oomycota, Zygomycota, and Ascomycota. Review of physical environment (geology, climatology, limnology) and biodiversity of Archaea, Bacteria, and eukaryotic algae and fungi) of the Dead Sea. This is the first volume reviewing the recent discovery of fungal diversity in the Dead Sea, analyzing spatiotemporal distribution, physiological adaptation, and genetic diversity. - Contents (chapter headings): The Dead Sea ( The history of the Physical, Chemical, and Biological Exploration of the Dead Sea/ Paleolakes at the Dead Sea Basin / Physical and Chemical Limnology of the Dead Sea/ Dead Sea Meteorological Climate)/ Adaptations to Marine Hypersaline Environments (Biodiversity and Community Dynamics in the Dead Sea: Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukaryotic Algae/ Fungi in Saline Water Bodies/ Osmoadaptation Strategies of the Dead Sea Fungi to Hypersaline Stress)/ The Dead Sea Fungi (Species Diversity of the Dead Sea Fungi/ Spatiotemporal Diversity of Filammentous Fungi in the Dead Sea/ Physiological Adaptation of Filamentous Fungi to the Dead Sea: Survival of Spores and Vegetative Cells/ Genetic Diversity of Filamentous Fungi under Hypersaline Stress in the Dead Sea)/ Appendix: A Short bibliography of Publications Dealing with Microroganisms Isolated from the Dead Sea/ Species and Subject Index.
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