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Hadjikyriakou, George

Aromatic and Spicy Plants in Cyprus: From Antiquity to the Present Day. 2007. illustr. 441 p. 4to. Paper bd.
A hardcover edition is available as well. - Foreword/ General Information/ Scope of the book/ Structure, Content and How to Use the Book/ The Environment of Cyprus: Natural and Anthropogenic/ Man and Plants/ Aromatic and Spicy Plants - Historic Review/ Aromatic and Spicy Plants and their Products in Cyprus/ General Conclusions/ Descriptions of Plants (p. 43 - 493)/ List of Cyprian habitats.../ Aromatic, spicy and other properties of the plants and their growth status/ Glossary/ Index to Scientific and English Common Names/ Index to Common Greek - Cypriot and Greek Names/ Index to Common Turkish - Cypriot and Turkish Names / Bibliography.
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