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Book ID:  077219
Smith - Vaniz, Willam F., Bruce B. Collette and Brian E. Luckhurst

Fishes of Bermuda: History, Zoogeography, Annotated Checklist, and Identification Keys. 1999. ( Am. Soc. of Ichthyologists and Herpetolo- gists, Spec. Publ. 4). 12 col. pls. 127 b/w figs. X, 424 p. 4to. Hard- cover.
Documentation of 433 species in 111 families of mostly inshore fishes from Bermuda as adults, the majority from depths below 200 m. Materials and Methods, Geography, Geology, Marine Environment, and Inland Aquatic Habitats, Historical Perspective, Biographies of Selected Early Bermuda Naturalists and Ichthyologists, Historical and Recent Collections of Bermuda Fishes, Brief History of Utilization..., Fishes Introduced to Bermuda, Biodiversity and Zoogeography of Bermuda Fishes, Conservation Biology, Key to Families of Bermuda Shore Fishes, Family and Species Accounts, Literature, Selected Index of Common and Scientific Names of Fishes.
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