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Smol, John P.

Pollution of Lakes and Rivers. A paleoenvironmental perspective. 2nd rev. ed. 2008. illus. 388 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
The new edition has been significantly revised and augmented. It has approx. 100 additional pages and has about 250 new references.- Contents: Preface to the second edition /About the author /There is no substitute for water /How long is long? / Sediments: an ecosystems memory /Retrieving the sedimentary archive and establishing the geochronological clock: collecting and dating sediment cores / Reading the records stored in sediments: the present is a key to the past / The paleolimnologists Rosetta Stone: calibrating indicators to environmental variables using surface- sediment training sets / Acidification: finding the smoking gun / Metals, technological development, and the environment / Persistent organic pollutants: industrially synthesized chemicals hopping across the planet / Mercury, the metal that slipped away / Eutrophication: the environmental consequences of over-fertilization / Erosion: tracking the accelerated movement of material from land to water / Species invasions, biomanipulations, and extirpations / Greenhouse gas emissions and a changing atmosphere: tracking the effects of climatic change on water resources / Ozone depletion, acid rain, and climatic warming: / References / Index
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