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Suesswasserflora von Mitteleuropa

Band 02:05: Krammer, K. und H. Lange- Bertalot: Bacillariophyceae: English and French translation of the keys. Engl. transl. by Nian Bate (keys) and Andrew Podzorksi (general part)/ French translation by Jeanne Bukowska, Monika Michel Jean Prygiel (keys). 2000. XIV, 310 p. Hardcover.
General part: Delimitation of the Bacillariophyceae/ Terminology/ Material and structure of cell wall/ Morphology of the cell-wall (Form types and symmetry, Morphological structures of the cell wall, Wall perforations without a velum, Raphes, Longitudinal canals, Surface structures, Teratological structures, Structural elements of the cell girdle, Inner valves)/ Reproduction (Asexual reproduction and changing the outline, Sexual reproduction - auxospore formation)/ Euplasmic structures/ Valve morphogenesis/ Movement/ Methods (Preservation of field samples, Separation from inorganic substances, Decalcification and separation from organic substrates, Removing organic remains, Preparation of fossil material, Preparation of slides, Taxonomic concept of this flora)/ English keys/ Clefs francaises.
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