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Book ID:  094272
Dransfield, John, Natalie W. Uhl, Conny B. Asmussen, William J. Baker, MADELINE HARVEY, CARL LEWIS

Genera Palmarum. The Evolution and Classification of Palms. Revised edition 2008. illus. XI, 732 p. 4to. Hardcover.
This is the standard scientific reference work for palm genera. Completely new edition, all text revised, rewritten and redesigned, incorporating all relevant new research data, a new classification based on latest phylogenetic research, 12 additional genera included, profusely illustrated throughout with colour photographs, detailed introductory chapters on morphology, ecology, pollen, chemistry, fossil record, phylogeny and evolution, biogeography and ecology, each genus provided with etymology, a simple diagnosis, distribution maps and scanning electron micrographs of pollen, illustrated glossary of palm terms.
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