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Bérard - Therriault, L., M. Poulin and L. Bossé

Guide d'Identification du Phytoplancton Marin de l'Estuaire et du Golfe du Saint - Laurent. 1999.( Canadian Spec. Publ. of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 128). 159 photogr. plates (1200 LM & EM micrographs). XIII, 387 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.- In French.
This guide contains 499 marine phytoplankton species which were identified, measured and photographed. The phytoplankton groups observed comprised diatoms (142 taxa), dinoflagellates (137 taxa), flagellates, including cryptophytes (7 taxa), chrysophytes (16 taxa), euglenoids (3 taxa), prasinophytes (23 taxa) and prymnesiophytes (39 taxa), as well as some of the most common species of protozoa (123 taxa) including heterotrophic flagellates, choanoflagellates, and ciliates.
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