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Medlin, Linda K., Gregory J. Doucette and Maria Celia Villac (eds.)

Phytoplankton evolution, taxonomy and ecology. 2008. (Nova Hedwigia, Beihefte, 133). 329 p. gr8vo.
This volume is dedicated to Professor Greta A. Fryxell in recognition of her long and distinguished career in the taxonomy and ecology of phytoplankton, especially the diatoms, and the considerable influence she has had on all those have interacted with her and as a mentor of young scientists. It features 21 original, reviewed papers, thematically delineating the realm of Prof. Fryxell's work, ranging from morphology, taxonomy, molecular genetics, (harmful) algal blooms, their ecology, palaeontology, the temporal variation to the identification and description of phytoplankton/ diatom species. The geographic scope of the phytoplankton-, especially diatom papers in this volume is worldwide and includes studies which focus on the US, polar regions, Chile, Antarctica, Brazil, Gulf of Mexico and Poland.
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