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Madsen, Eugene

Environmental Microbiology: From Genomes to Biogeochemistry. 2008. 177 illustr. 496 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
Coherent and comprehensive treatment of the dynamic, emerging field of environmental microbiology. Emphasis on real-world habitats and selective pressures experienced by naturally occurring microorganisms. Case studies and "Science and the Citizen" features relate relate issues in the public's mind to the underlying science. Contents (partly): Significance, History, and Challenges of Environmental Microbiology/ Formation of the Biosphere: Key biogeochemical and evolutionary events/ Physiological Ecology: Resource Exploitation by Microorganisms/ A Survey of the Earth's Microbial Habitats/ Microbial Diversity: Who is here and how do we know?/ Generating and Interpreting Information in Environmental Microbiology: Methods and Their Limitations/ Microbial Biogeochemistry: A Grand Synthesis/ etc.
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