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Fragman, Ori, Ran Levy - Yamamori, Pambos Christodoulou

Flowers of the Eastern Mediterranean. 2001. 648 col. photogr. 1 col. map. 458 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. (ISBN 978-3-904144-27-8)
Contents: Introduction,p.1/ Glossary,p.5/ Pictorial Flower Key, p.9/ Description of the Plant Groups,p.33/ Selected Bibliography,p.438/ Alphabetical Index,p.439.- This is the first comprehensive guide to the wild flowers of the Eastern Mediterranean region. It covers southern Turkey, Lebanon, western Syria, Cyprus, northern and central Israel, the Palaestinian Territories and northern Jordan. 530 species are dealt with, illustrated by 648 exquisite colourphotographs taken in nature. Simple to use pictorial flower identification key (no need for picking and digging). This book will not only be useful to the professional botanist, but also to the amateur nature lover, traveller, teacher, pupil, and others.
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