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Hesse, M., H. Halbritter, R. Zetter, M. Weber, R. Buchner, A. Frosch - RADIVO and SILVIA ULRICH

Pollen Terminology. An illustrated handbook. 2008. illus. 261 p. 4to. Hardcover.
This handbook is a fully illustrated compendium of glossary terms and basic principles in palynology. It is an indispensable tool for all palynologists. The General Chapter on pollen morphology, anatomy, pollen development etc. deals with essential characters in palynology. If appropriate, ambiguous or poorly recognized characters are commented, based on the present knowledge in palynology. The Terminology Part comprises more than 300 widely used terms illustrated with over 1.000 high quality light and/or electron microscopic pictures. This part provides a detailed survey of the manifold ornamentation and structure of pollen walls, and gives insight in their stunning aesthetic beauty. Terms are grouped by character context to allow an easier and faster comparison of similar features. In general, each term is illustrated on a separate page, including definition, plant species, and, where necessary, a comprehensive explanatory comment. The use of the terms in LM, SEM or TEM and their assignment to anatomical, morphological and/or functional pollen features is indicated by icons and colour coding, respectively. The Textual Glossary is arranged alphabetically for a quick search on terms. Important literature is mentioned and, where appropriate, cross references to the General Chapter are included for better comprehension.
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