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Diatom Monographs

Edited by Andrzej Witkowski. Volume 01: Kellogg, Thomas B. and Davida E. Kellog: Non - Marine Diatoms and Littoral Diatoms from Antarctic and Subantarctic Regions: Distribution and Updated Taxonomy. 2002. 1 map. 795 p. gr8vo. Cloth. (ISBN 978-3-904144-73-5)
Contents: Introduction/ Objectives and Scope of this Volume/ Taxonomic Considerations (Varieties and Formae)/ The "typifying variety" concept (Taxonomic Citations)/ Limitations (Taxonomic Errors)/ Some Observations on Antarctic Diatoms/ Antarctic Diatom Localities (Antarctic Interior and Ice Shelves/ Transantarctic Mountains etc./ East Antarctic Coast/ Ross Sea Embayment / Amundsen Sea/ Antarctic Peninsula Area/ Subantarctic Islands and Southern Continents)/ Acknowledgements/ What This Compilation Includes/ Antarctic and Subantarctic Diatoms (p. 28 - 644)/ References/ Index of Species. - Every non - marine and brackish or littoral marine diatom taxon reported in the literature from the study area is included. Taxa are listed throughout in alphabetic order. Taxonomic information appears first: the complete name with author, dates, starting page number, plate number and figures. This is followed by the basionym, if any, and synonyms which have been reported from the study area, listed in chronologic order. Citations appear in full rather than as abbreviations, and all references are given in full in the References section, except as noted... In addition, we include in both the text and references sections the appropriate California Academy of Sciences six-digit reference number in square brackets.
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