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Book ID:  079108
Hunziker, A. T.

Genera Solanacearum. The genera of Solanacaeae illustrated, arranged according to a new system. 2001. 136 plates (= line - drawings). XVI, 500 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. (ISBN 978-3-904144-77-3)
Contents: Preface/ Acknowledgements/ List of illustrations/ GENERAL SURVEY OF THE FAMILY (Habit/ Indument/ Anatomy/ Leaves/ Flowers: calyx, corolla, androecium (anthers, filaments, pollen), pollination, gynoecium (ovary, nectary, ovules, style, stigma)/ Fruits/ Seeds (embryo, endosperm)/ Extraflora nectaries/ Gametophytic self - incompatibility/ Dioecy in Solanaceae/ Chromosomes/ Some Phytogeographical Considerations / Phytochemistry / Economic Importance of the Solanaceae/ Taxonomic Relationships.)// ENUMERATION OF SUBFAMILIES, TRIBES, SUBTRIBES AND GENERA/ KEY FOR THE SUBFAMILIES AND TREATMENT OF EACH SUBFAMILY (Key/ Treatment of each subfamily: Cestroideae (Cestreae, Metternichieae, Latueae, Nicotianeae, Benthamielleae, Francisceae, Browallieae, Schwenckieae)/ Subfamily Juanuloideae/ Subfamily Solanoideae (Nicandreae, Mandragoreae, Datureae, Lycieae, Solanaeae: Witheringinae, Physalinae, Iochrominae, Capsicinae, Solaninae)/ Subfamily Salpiglossoideae/ Subfamily Schizanthoideae/ Subfamily Anthocercidoideae )/ GENERA EXCLUDED FROM SOLANACEAE/ BIBLIOGRAPGY / TAXONOMIC INDEX.- Deals with 92 genera. Gives authority, one or more illustration(s), available chromosomal data, list of references and illustrations, a brief commentary on the taxonomic relationships of the pertinent genus, data on palynology (so far as available), finally a synopsis of the phytochemical data published ends each generic treatment.
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