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Regnum Vegetabile

Volume 139: Nicolson, Dan H. and F. Raymond Fosberg: The Forsters and the Botany of the Second Cook Expedition (1772 - 1775). 2004. 758 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. (ISBN 978-3-906166-02-5/ ISSN 0080-0694)
Contents: Preface (on roles of authors)/ BACKGROUND: The Three Cook Expeditions/ False Accusations & Rehabilitation of the Forsters/ Biographical Sketch of the Forsters (The Prussian and Russian Years (1640 - 1766)/ England (late 1766 - 1772)/ The Voyage (1772 - 1775)/ George's Post - Voyage years in England (1775 - 1778)/ Goerge and the Kassel Years (1778 - 1784)/ George and the Vilna Years (1784 - 1787) / George and the Mainz Years to the end (1788 - 1794)/ Johann Reinhold Forster's end (1798)/ Epilogue/ J. R. Forster's family/ The 'Resolution's ' itinerary of 2nd Cook Expedition/ Geography, problem localities, place names)/ MATERIALS (Plant Specimens/ Neotropical "ringers" / Numbered sets/ Forster artwork/ Institutions with Forster materials/ Literature surveyed/ Notes on mixed materials/ Forster European and Cape of Good Hope Collections/ Handwriting)/ METHODS (Families & Higher Nomenclature/ Species Layout: 1)Nomenclature, including authorship of Forster texts, 2)Range, 3) Forster Paris mss, 4)Forster texts, 5) Cook 2nd Voyage materials, 6) Typification, 7) Remarks)/ Acknowledgement/ Bibliographic notes/ Bibliography.- The authors used for the purpose of this work the families as defined for 'Names in Current Use by Greuter et al. (1993), except the descriptive names, e.g. Cruciferae, Palmae, Umbelliferae, were replaced by their counterparts based on generic names, e.g. Brassicaceae, Arecaceae, Apiaceae. The families are arranged alphabetically within the larger groups such as Algae, Bryophytes, Pteridophyts, monocots, and dicots. The primary goal is to communicate where Forster specimens have actually been seen and studied or otherwise documented. Simultaneously it has been attempted to determine the currently accepted name and its commonly met synonyms, and to document some of the usage of the names. For each species there can be 6 parts: (1) nomenclature, (2) range, (3) original Forster mss, (4) published Forster texts, (5) known Cook 2nd Voyage materials, (6) typification, (7) remarks.
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