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Davies, Cynthia, Jonathan Selley, Paul Harding, Ian McLean, Ross Gardiner and Graeme Peirson (Eds.)

Freshwater fishes in Britain. The species and their distribution. 2004. 54 b/w figs. 16 col. pls. 184 p. gr8vo. Hardcover
For most British natural historians, there is one vertebrate order that could well be said to be 'out of sight, out of mind'. This is our freshwater fishes, familiar principally only to anglers, those concerned with managing rivers and other waterbodies, and a few research scientists. The results of this project, which ran from 1998-2002, are published here in the form of comprehensive 10km square dot-distribution maps for the 54 species inhabiting England, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. These indicate the vulnerability of several of our native British species. Following a wide-ranging introductory chapter, and further chapters on distribution and the history of the project, Chapter 4 comprises the individual species accounts under the headings: Description; Biology and behaviour; Habitat; Distribution in Britain; World distribution; Status; Hybrids and related species; and a final section of the relationship of each species with Man. In addition to a map, each species is illustrated by fine lithographs taken from Francis Day's famous 19th century work, skilfully supplemented by Michael J. Roberts for those species unknown to Day. Chapter 5 covers 'Conservation and Management of Freshwater Fishes' and is followed by four Appendices relating to (1) Publications; (2 & 3) Legislation; and (4) Selected websites relating to environmental protection, biodiversity information and fish conservation. The book concludes with a Glossary; a comprehensive Bibliography; and an Index.
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