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Pritchard, H.W.(ed.)

Modern Methods of Orchid Conservation. The Role of Physiology, Ecology and Management.1989. figs. tabs. 173 p. gr8vo.Cloth.
Second hand copy. Contents (partly):Factors influencing the germination and storage chracteristics of orchid pollen( H.W.Pritchard & F.G.Prendergast)/ Effects of temperature and moisture content on the viability of Cattleya aurantiaca seed( P.T.Seaton & N.S.J.Hailes)/Asymbiotic germination of epiphytic and mycorrhizal fungus compatibility in European orchids (H.J.Muir)/ Host- fungus relationships in orchid myccorhizal systems (G.Hadley & G.F.Pegg) / The effects of the composition of the athmosphere on the growth of seedlings of Cattleya aurantica (N.S.J.Hailes & P.T.Seaton)/ Orchid propagation by tissue culture techniques- past, present and future (J.Stewart)/Etc.
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