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Rasmussen, J. Paul, Paul T. Monis and Christopher P. Saint

Early Detection of Cyanobacterial Toxins Using Genetic Methods. 2008. 131 p. Paper bd.
Examines the use of DNA - detection technology, in particular, real - time chain reaction (PCR), as a means of detecting toxic cyanobacteria in freshwaters. Toxic cyanobacteria present a real and persistent problem to the water industry, promarily due to the adverse health effects associated with consumption or exposure to water contaminated with cyanotoxins. Research and development are geared toward the delivery of a technology solution for the water industry that would complement current approaches There are two basic measures for toxic cyanobacteria: cell counts (by microscopy) and toxicity (using an in vivo system or advanced analytical chemistry), both of which have limitations. DNA - detection technology was anticipated to be able to cover some shortcomings of current monitoring technologies.
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