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Book ID:  086790
Sagastegui A., Abundio, Isidoro Sanchez V., Mario Zapata C. and Michael O. DILLON

Diversidad Floristica del Norte de Peru. Tomo II: Bosques Montanos. 2004. illustr. 305 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
Over a 190 species from 76 different families are illustrated with full-page color photographs of habitats, plant habit and detailed close-ups of flower and/or fruits. Initial chapters provide biodiversity data for seven departments in northwestern Peru. Discussion of each genus contains information on plant form, habitat preferences, recorded elevations, Peruvian departmental and extra-Peruvian geographic distributions, and common names when available. In addition, an annotated floristic checklist of the montane forests containing ca. 1500 species of ferns, gymnosperms, and angiosperms represented by vouchers is presented as an appendix. - Covers Bosque Monteseco/ Bosque Cutervo/ Bosque Cachil/ Bosque Canchaque/ Bosque Tongod - Quellahorco/ Bosque Ucshahuilca/ Bosque Las Palmas/ Bosque San Ignacio/ Abra de Porcullo.
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