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Synopses of the Antarctic Benthos

Ed. by J. Wägele and J. Sieg: Vol.9: Wiencke, C. and M. N. Clayton: Antarctic Seaweeds. 2002. 40 photogr. plates. 11 figs. 3 tabs. 239 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. (ISBN 978-3-904144-82-7 )
From the preface: Our main aim in writing this book was to make up-to-date information on the seaweeds of Antarctica more accessible to the general scientific reader. We wanted to make the task of recognising seaweeds simpler and faster, and we sought to present current knowledge of species in the form of a comprehensive account of their biology that helps to explain how Antarctic seaweeds are adapted to life in this extreme environment. We have added photographs of as many species as possible, including many of the commoner Antarctic seaweeds. - Contents (main headings): Introduction (Previous research on Antarctic seaweeds, Antarctica as a habitat for seaweeds)/ Biological diversity of Antarctic seaweeds (Status of taxonomic records, Species richness, Endemisms and biogeographical relationships, Composition and distribution of seaweed assemblages)/ Ecophysiology of Antarctic seaweeds (Physiological thallus anatomy, Phenology, Light and depth zonation, Temperature and geographic distribution, Effects of desiccation, salinity and temperature in supra- and eulittoral seaweeds)/ Collection, cultivation and preservation/ Systematic list of seaweeds recorded from Antarctica / Key to common species of Antarctic seaweeds (Rhodophyta, Chrysophyceae and Phaeophyceae, Chlorophyceae)/ Species descriptions/ Glossary/ References/ Acknowledgements/ Subject Index / Taxonomic Index.
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