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Book ID:  086942
Harlow, Nora and Kristin Jakob (eds.)

Wild Lilies, Irises, and Grasses: Gardening with California monocots. 2004. illustr. XIII, 274 p. Hardcover.
Main chapter headings: Introd./ Bulbs and Bulblike Plants (Lilies, Calochortus, Trilliums, Alliums and Brodiaeas, Irises and Sisyrinchiums, Arums, Orchids)/ Grasses and Grasslike Plants (Grasses, Sedges, Rushes, Cattails and Bur - Reeds)/ Succulent and Xerophytic Plants (Agaves, Yuccas, and Nolinas)/ Palms/ Glossary/ Site Preferences/ Selected Readings/ Display Gardens/ Resources/ Nurseries and Seed Suppliers/ Index.
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