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Book ID:  095405
Parker, Jane (Ed.)

Molecular Aspects of Plant Disease Resistence. (Annual Plant Review). 2008. 384 p. Hardcover.
Content: 1. A personal perspective of the last 40 years of Plant Pathology: emerging themes, paradigm shifts and future promise. 2. Pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMP) and PAMP-triggered immunity. 3. Pseudomonas syringae type III-secreted proteins and their activities and effects on plant innate immunity. 4. Establishment of fungal and oomycete biotrophy. 5. Genome biology cracks enigmas of oomycete plant pathogens. 6. Plant-virus interactions: Defence and counter -defence. 7. Marshalling the troops: Intracellular dynamics in plant-pathogen defence. 8. Role of plant secondary metabolites at the host-pathogen interface. 9. Chemical ecology of plant-insect interactions. 10. Lipid signals in plant- pathogen interactions. 11. Induced resistance - orchestrating defence mechanisms through cross-talk and priming.
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