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Book ID:  087435
Holubec, Vojtech and Pavel Krivka

The Caucasus and its flowers. 2006. 909 col. photogr. 18 drawings. 17 b/w figs. 3 maps. 389 p. 4to. Hard - cover. - In English.
The flora of the Caucasus has been well known and explores since the 18th century (Tournefort, Bieberstein, Steven, Grossheim, a. oth.), but so far no special collection of colourphotographs of the plants has been published. This book wants to fill this gap in part and offers colourphotographs of over 300 species of vascular plants from the Caucasus, with focus on alpine species. General chapters on the history of botanical research, natural conditions (geology, climate, vegetation and places of botanical interest. Brief advice for cultivation in rock gardens. No distribution maps. No plant descriptions. A pure iconography.
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