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Einav, Rachel

Seaweeds of the Eastern Mediterranean Coast. 2007. Many col. photogr. 266 p. 4to. Hardcover. - In English. (ISBN 978-3-906166-36-0)
This book will be a welcome addition to the sparse literature on seaweeds of the Eastern Mediterranean. There are introductory chapters on bio-ecology, reproduction and life-cycles, the economic value of seaweeds, sea and sea - shore, abiotic factors and their effect on littoral algae communities A taxonomic list of species, keys to genera, divisions & species, followed by the systematic part arranged in Rhodophyta, Chlorophyta, Phaeophyta. In each section, the algae are arranged alphabetically using their scientific names. At the end of the book a glossary is given, plus illustrated guide to drying algae and bibliography, information on underwater photography of algae, collecting algae, drying algae, wet preservation, preserving in glycerine, algae collections in Israel, and species index.
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