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Praprotnik, N.

Henryk Freyer and his List of Slavic Plant Names (Verzeichniss der Pflanzen-Namen). 2007. (Scopolia, Vol. 61). 98 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.- In Slovenian, with English summary.
In 1836, the list of Slavic Plant Names ( Verzeichniß slavischer Pflanzen - Namen) was published by custodian Henrik Freyer (1802- 1866) in the supplement of Laibacher Zeitung. The list includes 2094 plant names, of which 2021 are Slovenian and 73 Croation. No scientific names, however, are given. The present issue offers the complete list of Freyer's Slavic names as well as a list of currently recognised scientific and Slovenian plant names. Only 87 out of the 2094 plant names remained undetermined.
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