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Book ID:  096007
Antonin, Vladimir and Michael E. Noordeloos

A monograph of marasmioid and collybioid fungi in Europe. 2010. 130 col. plates. 131 figs. 480 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
The present work is a fully revised edition of two formerly published volumes (Antonin & Noordeloos, 1993 & 1997). A new edition seemed to be necessary to include new species, new records, and changed taxonomic concepts in the groups concerned. Phylogenetic studies using molecular markers radically changed our insight in the relationships in the group concerned, and forced us to re - evaluate morphological and ecological characters which formed the base of earlier classifications. These studies are still in full progress, and the results so far do not allow us to present a 'definitive' classification. It is also our concern to maintain or create nomenclatural stability instead of introducing new generic and infrageneric names. Consequently the classification presented here, although it fundamentally differs from our earlier ones, still is a compromise. By accepting both monophyletic and polyphyletic genera, we have tried to present the most actual state of knowledge, also keeping in mind that the primary goal of this book claims to be an up-to-date idetification tool, which requires a practical and clear concept. -Quote form the introduction of the book.
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