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Lawes, M. J., H. A. C. Eeley, C. M. Shackleton and B. G. S. Geach (EDS.)

Indigenous forests and woodlands in South Africa: Policy, People and Practice. 2004. illustr. XXIII, 863 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
Chapter headings: Woodlands of South Africa/ South Africa's forests: the ecology and sustainable use of indigenous timber resources/ Policy frameworks pertaining to the conservation and sustainable use of forests and woodlands in South Africa/ Use and management of forest and woodlands in South Africa: stakeholders, institutions and processes from the past to present/ Valuation of indigenous forests and woodlands: an international perspective/ The socio - economics of forest and woodland resource use: a hidden economy/ Use of woodland resources for direct household provisioning/ The uses and value of indigneous forest resources in South Africa/ Dependence, destruction and and development: a history of indigenous timber use in South Africa/ Timber harvesting from Southern Cape forests: the quest for sustainable levels of resource use/ Use of South Africa' woodlands for energy and construction/ etc.- 30 contributions in total, also covering medicinal plants, foods from forests, conservation, alternative uses.
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