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Book ID:  089214
Subba Rao, D. V. (ed.)

Algal Cultures, Analogues of Blooms and Applications. 2 volumes. 2006. illus. XLI, 971 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
Deals with recent developments in micro algal research, specifically with how to use best algal cultures as analogues of natural blooms, their utility in understanding the ecological principles and their applications in biotechnology.- Contents: VOLUME 1: Why Study Algae in Culture?: D.V. Subba Rao / Photosynthetic Pigments in Marine Microalgae: Insights from Cultures and the Sea: S.W. Jeffrey and S.W. Wright/ Phases, Stages, and Shifts in the Life Cycles of Marine Phytoplankton: Marina Montresor and Jane Lewis/ Allelopathic Interactions Among Marine Microalgae: Geneviève Arzul and Patrick Gentien /Algal Blooms and Bacterial Interactions: Bopaiah Biddanda et al./ Viral Infection in Marine Eucaryotic Microalgae: Keizo Nagasaki/ Autecology of Bloom-forming Microalgae: Extrapolation of Laboratory Results to Field Populations and the Redfield-Braarud Debate Revisited: Theodore J. Smayda / The Trace Metal Composition of Marine Microalgae in Cultures and Natural Assemblages: Tung-Yuan Ho/ Algal Cultures as a Tool to Study the Cycling of Dissolved Organic Nitrogen: Deborah A. Bronk and Kevin J. Flynn/ Osmotrophy in Marine Microalgae: Alan J. Lewitus/ Role of the Cell Cycle in the Metabolism of Marine Microalgae: Jacco C. Kromkamp and Pascal Claquin /Nutritional Value of Microalgae and Applications: John K. Volkman and Malcolm R. Brown// VOLUME 2: Effects of Small-scale Turbulence on the Physiological Functioning of Marine Microalgae: Elisa Berdalet and Marta Estrada/ Mechanistic Models of Algal Physiology: Kevin J. Flynn/ Competition of Aquatic Microalgae in Variable Environments: The Disturbance Effect: Sabine Flöder and Ulrich Sommer/ Effects of Temperature and Irradiance on Marine Microalgal Growth and Physiology: Peter Thompson/ Photosynthesis- Irradiance Relationships in Marine Microalgae: Pedro Duarte/ Photosynthetic Response and Acclimation of Microalgae to Light Fluctuations: Johan U. Grobbelaar/ Absorption, Fluorescence Excitation and Photoacclimation: Egil Sakshaug and Geir Johnsen/ Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation on Microalgal Growth, Survival and Production: Andrew T. Davidson / Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering in Microalgae: Oliver Kilian and Peter G. Kroth/ Biotechnology of Immobilized Micro Algae: A Culture Technique for the Future?: Thierry Lebeau and Jean-Michel Robert/ From Microscope to Magnet Probing Phytoplankton Population Structure and Physiology Using Mammalian Antibodies: Louis Peperzak and Sonya T. Dyhrman/ Prospects for Paratransgenic Applications to Commercial Mariculture using Genetically Engineered Algae: Ravi V. Durvasula et al./ Development of Statistical Models for Prediction of the Neurotoxin Domoic Acid Levels in the Pennate Diatom: Pseudonitzschia Pungens f. Multiseries Utilizing Data from Cultures and Natural Blooms: Ilya Blum et al./ Appendix 1 Algal cultures: D.V. Subba Rao . Appendix 2 Algal culture centers: D.V. Subba Rao
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