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Hedden, Peter and Stephen Thomas (eds.)

Plant Hormone Signaling. 2006. (Annual Plant Review). 58 illustr. 368 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
This volume provides an overview of the biosynthesis, catabolism, perception and signal transduction of the individual hormone classes, followed by chapters on hormone distribution and transport, and the roles of hormone signaling in specific developmental processes. Particular attention is paid to the regulation of hormone signaling by environmental and developmental cues, sites of hormone metabolism and action, and interactions between hormone signaling pathways. Contents (partly): Abscisic acid/ Auxins/ Brassinosteroids/ Cytokinins/ Ethylene/ Gibberellins/ Oxylipins/ Salicylic acids/ Hormone distribution and transport/ Seed development and germination/ Reproductive development.
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