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Book ID:  090260
Vega, Fernando E. and Meredith Blackwell (eds.)

Insect - Fungal Associations. Ecology and Evolution. 2005. illustr. 350 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
Contributions have been arranged in two chapters: Fungi Acting Against Insects (Phylogenetics of the Insect Pathogenic Genus BEAUVERIA/ Phylogeography of Metarhizium, an Insect Pathogenic Fungus/ Inter- actions Between Entomopathogenic Fungi and Arthropod Natural Enemies/ Ecology and Evolution of Fungal Endophytes and Their Roles against Insects/ The Fungal Roots of Microsporidian Parasites/ Fungal Biotrophic Parasites of Insects and Other Arthropods)/ Fungi Mutualistic with Insects ( Reciprocal Illumination: A comparison of Agriculture in Humans and in Fungus-growing Ants/ Evolutionary Dynamis of the Mutualistic Symbiosis between Fungus - Growing Termites and Termitomyces Fungi/ The Role of Yeasts as Insect Endosymbionts, etc.).
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