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Pedrotti, Franco

Cartografia geobotanica. 2004. illus. VIII, 236 p. gr8vo. Paper bd. - In Italian.
The author offers to students and practitioners a complete textbook for botanical mapping purposes. Using the traditional, wide definition of the term geobotany, he presents definitions, examples and procedural rules for any conceivable kind of map, from chorological representations (showing the distribution of genotypes in populations, of individual species or higher taxa, or vegetation units) through classical vegetation maps to the spatial assessment of diversity or the visualisation of developmental prospects and impacts. Mapping procedures and techniques are discussed for each of these many categories, which are generously illustrated with concrete examples not only from Italy but anywhere in the world. The book is not, in the first place, an aid for interpreting maps. Rather, it offers guidance to authors in the choice of the type of map and procedure of mapping best suited for their given subject and scope. It may also, coincidentally, provide the critical reader with sound criteria for assessing the merits of relevant publications. (Quoted from OPTIMA Newsletter,No.38).
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