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Beretta, Marco and Alessandro Tosi (eds.)

Linnaeus in Italy. The spread of a revolution in science. Int. Symposium Pisa, 9.-10. 6. 2006. 2007. (Uppsala studies in history of science, 34). 15 figs. XXIII, 340 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
Contents: Preface: The Editors/Opening Remarks: Carl-Olof Jacobson: Linnaeus: The Man and His Image/Ilva Segerdahl Beretta: Italian Naturalists in Linnaeus' Herbarium/Gabriella Berti Logan: Italian Women Botanists and Linnaeus/Gina Douglas: Italy in the Linnean Collections; A Review of the Biological Specimens, Books and Manuscripts Linking Italy with Linnaeus and the Linnean Society of London/Giuse Scalva: Vitaliano Donati, Linnaeus, and the Scientific Community in Europe in the Mid-18th Century/Renato G. Mazzolini: Linnaeus and Michele Enrico Sagramoso, Knight of the Order of Malta/ Marc J. Ratcliff: How Language Matters: Lazzar von Spallanzanus and Carlo Linnei/Marco Beretta: Linneans in Italy: The Case of Johann Jakob Ferber/ Simone Contardi: Linnaeus Institutionalized: Felice Fontana, Giovanni Fabbroni, and the Natural History Collections of the Royal Museum of Physics and Natural History of Florence/ Federico Tognoni: The Italian Editions of Linnaeus: Iconography and Texts/ Alessandra Ferraresi: Linnaeus in Lombardy/ Luca Ciancio: "Tuis impulsus consiliis." Antonio Turra, the Vicenza Academy of Agriculture and the Reception of Linnaeus' Thought in the Venetian "Terraferma" (1758179)/ Ezio Vaccari: Linnaeus and Giovanni Arduino: Some Notes on a Difficult Reception in Mineralogy and Geology/ Marta Stefani: Linnaeus and the Botanical Society of Florence/ Giuliana Forneris: Linnaeus in Piedmont/ Marta Cavazza: From Tournefort to Linnaeus: The Slow Conversion of the Institute of Sciences of Bologna/ Alessandro Ottaviani: Linnaeus in Rome/ Gino Leonardo Di Mitri: The History of Linnaeism in the Kingdom of Naples /Alessandro Tosi: Linneographia Italica: Retracing the Paths of the Image of Linnaeus/Ferdinando Abbri: Linnean Science and Italian Contexts: Some Concluding Remarks.
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