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Ferakova, V., S. Maglocky and K. Marhold (eds.)

Cervenny zoznam rastlin zivocichov Slovenska. 2001. (Ochr. Prir. Bratislava, 20, Suppl.) 169 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.- Slovakian, with English abstracts.
The "Red list of plants and animals of Slovakia" essentially consists of a series of 28 lists of names and associated threat categories, each list covering a major taxon. Apparantly, all organisms except non-photo- synthetic prokaryotes are covered. Of the included lists, 23 pertain to zoology and 5 to botany (fungi, cyanobacteria and algae, lichens, bryophytes, and vascular plants). All are updates based on previous editions of Slovak red lists or red data books. The botanical list enumerate the impressive total of 2931 taxa, of which 192 (73 vascular plants, 26 bryophytes, 5 fungi and no less than 88 lichens) are presumed extinct on the Slovak territory, one (Aldrovanda vesiculosa) is extinct in the wild, and 1949 fall into a high risk category (492 critically endangered, 553 endangered, 904 vulnerable). Such high figures are worrying indeed. Information of the proportion of endemics among the extinct and heavily threatened taxa, which would have been interesting, is unfortunately lacking.
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