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Wildpret de la Torre, Wolfredo, Antonio Garcia Gallo, Israel Perez Vargas y Juan Sergio Socorro

Flora ornamental del casco historico de La Laguna, patrimonio de la humanidad. 2005. col. photogr. 407 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
The ancient city core of the Canary Island's university town, San Cristobal La Laguna, has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO- Nineteen green spaces of La Laguna were inventoried to write this particular kind of Flora. All are shown and described in the book's first part. The second, larger portion presents the 129 species that were encountered. As its title implies, it is not a complete floristic inventory but limits itself to decorative plants. No weeds were admitted nor have seasonal plantations been taken into account (which may explain the absence of Cyclamen persicum, featuring on the Photographs of pp. 95 and 293). With the exception of Selaginella kraussiana, all species are at least tall herbs, mostly shrubs, trees or vines. There are four native plants among them that are tolerated rather than planted, growing wild on roofs and old walls: Aeonium urbicum, Davallia canariensis, Polypodium macaronesicum, and Sonchus acaulis. Other members of Tenerife's old endemic stock, however, are cultivated ornamentals: Apollonias barbujana, Convolvulus floridus, Dracaena draco, Kleinia neriifolia, Laurus novocanariensis, and Phoenix canariensis.
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