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Ferrandez Palacio, Jose Vicente

Catalogo floristico de la comarca del Cinca Medio (Provincia de Huesca). 2004. (Tolous, 13). figs. photogr. 469 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
With 1049 recorded species of higher plants-11 of them first found in 2004 and included in Addenda- the flora of Cinca Medio is not exactly poor, particularly when one considers the absence of mountains (the district reaches 826 m at its highest point). By way of this book, it may all of a sudden be considered among the better known local floras of the Iberian Peninsula. The catalogue is unusually detailed. In includes localities, based on the scant literature data but mostly the author's field notes and specimens, the latter kept in his personal herbarium, and in many cases notes, based on first-hand knowledge, on habitat, features, variability, uses, local vernacular designations,etc. The are numerous drawings to illustrate the book, all but four by the author, as well as his colour photographs of plants and their habitats. They document his additional skills as a botanical artist and nature photographer.
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