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Meyer, Friedrich Karl

Kritische Revision der "Thlaspi"-Arten Europas, Afrikas und Vorderasiens. Spezieller Teil. IX: Noccaea Moench. 2006. (Haussknechtia, Beiheft 12). 110 pls. 343 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
The present revision of Noccaea is the ninth and last in a series of papers published in "Haussknechtia" between 2001 and 2006, each treating one of the segregate genera, to name: Thlaspi s. str., Neurotropis, Microthlaspi, Thlaspiceras, Noccidium, Kotschyella, Callothlaspi, and Raparia. It ist not a world monograph, because the area of Noccaea far exceeds the core area of former Thlaspi on which Meyer has concentrated To the 67 species and 10 additional subspecies here recognised, perhaps half as many will have to be added when N and E Asia plus extra- tropical America are considered. Even so, a solid foundation has been laid. The detailed descriptions and extensive specimen citations, together with the large amount of careful if artless drawings of diagnostic details (apparently all by the author), suffice to make his taxonomic judgement understood.
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