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Aleksandrova, V. D.

Vegetation of the Soviet Polar Deserts. 1988. (Digital Reprint 2009, Studies in Polar Research). 240 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
This is a translation of Vera Aleksandrovas classic book, first published in Russian, which characterizes the vegetation of this rather special botanical region. Much important botanical research concerned with Arctic ecology is carried out in the Soviet Union, but is seldom available in English. Dr Aleksandrovas book is based on her own extensive research in the northern areas of the Soviet Arctic. Dividing the high the ecology of such regions worldwide. After describing the general characteristics, geographic and climatic, of this latitude, the book discusses in more detail the regions peculiarities of soil and microclimate, followed by an analysis of the plant community. Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. General characteristics of the landscape; 3. Conditions for the existence of vegetation; 4. The vegetation; 5. Seasonal development of the flowering plants within the polar deserts; 6. Conclusions.
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