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Book ID:  092450
Moore, Peter D.

Wetlands. 2006. (Biomes of the World). 45 col. illustr. 240 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
Where do wetland habitats occur on the planet? What factors control their distribution? What threats impact these areas, and how much conservation effort is necessary? In a clear and concise format, Wetlands explores the answers to these questions and much more. Beginning with a general overview of the geography and geology of wetlands including lakes, ponds, pothole mires, marshes, temperate and tropical swamps, and bogs this volume helps readers visualize this natural habitat. Exploring ecosystems, biodiversity, subjects such as decomposition and fossils, and the history and prehistory of this biome, Wetlands provides an accessible introduction to the many aspects of wetland habitats throughout the world. Today wetlands are often used as water storage systems and as agents for the control of floods. This volume discusses the necessity for conservation of these areas, including techniques used to protect existing wetlands and ways of rehabilitating those already damaged by human activity.
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