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Book ID:  096517
Galun, Esra

Plant Patterning. Structural and Molecular Genetic Aspects. 2007. illus. XI, 499 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
Provides a fascinating account of the accumulated knowledge of the mechanisms by which plants regulate their patterning. This is an exciting subject based on a novel endeavor, not least due to the rapid progress made in recent years in the diverse fields of genetics, molecular biology, microscopy, inter- and intracellular signaling, as well as our intimate knowledge of model plants (such as Arabidopsis). In one volume, this book provides nformation on all the main organs of flowering plants. Contains updated information on the diffetentiation of the plant organs with respect to structure and molecular genetics, and the methodologies employed to investigate plant patterning are described in detail. Extensively illustrated with numerous figures, many of which are in color.
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