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Gottschlich, Günter

Die Gattung Hieracium L. (Compositae) in der Region Abruzzen (Italien). 2009. (Stapfia, 89). 36 Farbabbildungen. 79 Karten. 128 Farbtafeln. 328 S. 4to. Broschiert.
Within the project "Hieracium flora of the region Abruzzo" the author collected 2000 specimens during 12 collecting trips between 2000 and 2007. Their distribution is documented by geographical minute squares. In parallel work the material of relevant public herbaria was revised and a systematical research in literature was carried out. For detailed descriptions of the taxa a standardized terminology was compiled (German/Latin). A key for all species occuring in Abruzzo is provided (German/ English). Results: - The Hieracium flora of the region Abruzzo is subdivided into 79 binomials (main species and intermediate species), of which 18 belong to subgenus Pilosella and 61 to subgenus Hieracium. - 96 subspecies are recognized (subgenus Pilosella: 3, subgenus Hieracium: 93). - 21 species and 30 subspecies are new to science. Presumably not all subspecies of Hieracium of the region Abruzzo are recorded. - 4 sections are newly described (sect. Brachiata, Arpadiana, Grovesiana, Acanthodontoidea) and 7 new combinations are proposed. 32 names are lectotypified. - 11 species are new for the region Abruzzo (H. kalksburgense, H. neomalyi, H. glaucinum, H. caesioides, H. chlorelloides, H. pulchellum, H. lycopifolium, H. umbrosum, H. arpadianum, H. neoplatyphyllum, H. chlorophyton). Etc.
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