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Book ID:  096606
Hässel de Menendez, Gabriela G. and Marta F. Rubies

Catalogue of Marchantiophyta and Anthoceratophyta of southern South America: Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, including Easter Is. (Pascua I.), Malvinas Is. (Falkland Islands), South Georgia Is., and the subantarctic South Shetland Is., South Sandwich Is. and South Orkney Is. 2009. (Nova Hedwigia, Beih. 134). 3 figs. 672 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
Chapter headings: List of Marchantiophyta names and taxa/ Annotations on Marchiantophyta names/ List of Anthoceratophyta names and taxa/ Annotations of Anthoceratophyta names/ Systematic list of Marchantiophyta and Anthoceratophyta taxa/ Systematic and taxonomic changes/ Geographic distribution of taxa/ Patterns of distribution/ References/ Index. - Systematic list of 748 accepted names of Marchantiophyta and 24 of Anthoceratophyta of the area, complemented with synonyms and arranged in the most recent classifications.
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