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Bista, M.S., M.K. Adhikari and K.R. Rajbhandari

Flowering Plants of Nepal (Phanerogams). 2001. (Bulletin Dept. of Plant Resources, 13). VI, 399 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
About 6501 phanerogamic species (Angiosperm and Gymnosperms) are recorded, out of which 318 species including subspecies and varieties are described from Nepal. The present work is merely the compilation of all the species in a single volume. The book provides the list of flowering plants in an alphabetic manner, as in the dictionary, to ensure basic information and easy access to a certain plant species. It will help easily to find out the number of species in a taxon, the valid name and other names (synonyms), and the area or region of occurrence of the plant concerned. The vernacular names of some species are also given.
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