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Keys to the Dicot Genera in Nepal

Part 2: Gamopetalae and Monochlamydeae. 1968. (Reprint 1997). X, 82 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
The purpose of this work is to provide keys to the families and genera of the Gamopetalae (flowers with united petals) and the Monochlamydeae (flowers with one or more perianth whorls lacking) for rapid identification in the field and herbarium. The work is small for carrying in the field and therefore have not included generic descriptions although family descriptions have been included. Anyone dealing with the flora of Nepal quickly discovers that the most recent comprehensive treatment of Nepalese plants is Hooker's "Flora of British India"(1872-1897). The present work, although cast in a different format, is essentially a distillation of Hooker's work restricted to the plants known to occur in Nepal. This is a preliminary work intended as a starting point for revision and clarification.
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