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Book ID:  096813
Sieder, A., H. Rainer and M. Kiehn

CITES Orchid Checklist Volume 5: Bulbophyllum. Book and CD-ROM. 2009. 407 p. gr8vo. Paper bd. - The CD-ROM includes full text in English, French and Spanish.
Covers the genera Acrochaene, Bulbophyllum, Chaseella, Codonosiphon, Drymoda, Monomeria, Monosepalum, Pedilochilus, Saccglossum, Sunipia, and Trias, containing a full list of accepted names, synonyms and distribution of all species concerned and is an essential tool for anyone working in CITES or on orchids. Complete with CD-ROM with previous checklists (total of some 46 genera) and PowerPoint training presentations and full text in English, French and Spanish. Also included on the CD-ROM are three books in the series of CITES Users Guides, CITES and Plants, CITES and Succulents and CITES and Slipper Orchids.
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