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Book ID:  096823
Zuquim,G., F. R. C. Costa, J. Prado and H. Tuomisto

Guide to the Ferns and Lycophytes of Rebio Uatuma, Central Amazonia. 2008. illus. 315 p. gr8vo. Paper bd. -Bilingual (English / Portuguese).
Created in 1990, the Reserva Biológica (REBIO) Uatuma protects almost 10,000 square km. of Amazonian rain forest and comprises a fascinating diversity of habitats for ferns and lycophytes. This richly illustrated book treats the ecology and identification of 120 species of ferns and lycophytes and provides a pleasant introduction to the fantastic world of these groups of plants. As a taxonomically up-to-date introduction to the most common ferns of the entire lowland Amazon basin, it is an extremely useful tool for novices and professionals alike.
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