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Book ID:  096940
Rehm, Bernd H. A. (ed.)

Alginates: Biology and Applications. 2009. (Microbiology Monographs, 13). 94 figs. VIII, 266 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
Provides an overview of the state of art of alginate material properties, genetics and the molecular mechanisms underlying alginate biosynthesis as well as applications of tailor-made alginates in medicine, food and biotechnology. Topics treated are: material properties of alginates /alginate production: precursor biosynthesis, polymerization and secretion/ bacterial system for alginate uptake and degradation / enzymatic alginate modification/ alginate gene regulation / role of alginate in bacterial biofilms/ microbial production of alginates: physiology and process aspects/ alginate-based blends and nano/microbeads/ applications of alginates in food/ alginate and its comonomer mannuronic acid: medical relevance as drugs
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