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Book ID:  096974
Cappers, R. T. J., R. Neef and R. M. Bekker

Digital Atlas of Economic Plants. 3 vols. 2009. (Groningen Archaeological Studies). Approx. 10.000 col. photographs. 527 & 1508 p. Hardcover.
This book has introductory text and a glossary in English, German, and Dutch. 12 indices (scientific plant name, pharmaceutical plant name, plant names in English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Arab, Turkish, Chinese, Hindi, Sanskrit, and Malayalam). It covers approximately 3953 taxa. Every part of the Digital Plant Atlas is published as a combination of book and website. The books contain full colour photographs of all the plant parts presented as well as extensive indices. The website consists of a free and a protected part. In the free part, which is accessible for all, one may browse through the Atlas and view all photographs in small format. In the protected part, which becomes accessible by purchasing the book, the photographs can be viewed in a larger format and examined in more detail.
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