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Flora de Nicaragua

Ed. by W. D. Stevens, Olga Martha Montiela and Amy Pool: Vol. 4: Helechos. 2009. (Monogr. in Systematic Botany). illus. 349 p. 4to. Hardcover. - in Spanish.
Flora de Nicaragua, Helechos is the fourth volume of the series Flora de Nicaragua. It describes and illustrates 633 species of ferns in 114 genera. The three previous volumes of the Flora were published in 2001 and included 5796 species in 1699 genera in 225 families of seed plants, native or naturalized. The publication of this volume completes the flora of the vascular plants of Nicaragua. Nicaragua is located in the middle of Mesoamerica and occupies an area of about 130,000 km2. The north-central part of the country is dominated by mountains reaching about 2000 m, while the rest is generally low with occasional emergent volcanoes. Nicaragua is phytogeographically important because many North American floristic elements reach their southern limits in the high mountains of the north-central region and many Amazonian floristic elements reach their northern limits in the southeastern part of the country. Organized alphabetically by genus and species. The volume has species identification keys and concise descriptions of each genus and species. The species are illustrated in 151 plates. Also, each species found in Nicaragua has a distribution map and a preliminary evaluation of its conservation status there.
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