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Ortiz - Santana, B., D. J. Lodge, D. J. Baroni and E. E. Both

Boletes from Belize and the Dominican Republic. 2007. (Fungal Diversity, 27:2). 113 figs. (line - drawings). 188 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
Provides a key to the Boletales from Belize and the Dominican Republic, followed by descriptions, drawings of the micro - structures and photographs of each identified species. 58 species of bolets have been studied. A total of 52 species in 14 genera were identified from Belize, including 14 new species. Twenty - nine of the previously described species are new records for Belize and 11 are new for Central America. In the Dominican Republic , 14 species in 7 genera were found, including 4 new species, with one of these new species also occurring in Belize.
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