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Rutkowski, P., D. L. Szlachetko and M. Gorniak

Phylogeny and taxonomy of the subtribes Spiranthinae, Stenorrhynchidinae and Cyclopogoninae (Spirantheae, Orchidaceae) in Central and South America. 2008. 59 col. pls. (photogr., dot maps & line - figs). 348 p. gr8vo. Hardcover
Introduction and aim of the study/ Material and methods/ History of taxonomical studies of Spirantheae/ Characteristics of Spirantheae, Stenorrhynchidinae and Cyclopogoninae/ Phenetic analysis of Spiranthinae, Stenorrhynchidinae and Cyclopogoninae/ The Spiranthinae, Stenorrhynchidinae and Cyclopogoninae in the light of selected DNA fragment analyses/ Biogeography of the Spi.,Stenorr. and Cyclop./ Classification of the Spir., Stenorr. and Cyclop./ Summary and conclusions/ References/ Index to the generic and species names.
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