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Xing Fuwu (ed.)

Landscape Plants of China. 2 volumes. 2009. ca. 10,000 col. photographs. 1890 p. 4to. Hardcover. - In Chinese, preface in English and Chinese, Latin nomenclature, Latin and Chinese plant name index.
Covers over 6000 species, more than 3000 species being common landscape plants and flowering plants, some 3000 species are wild shrubs, ground covering plants and flowering plants. Nearly two -thirds of the species (approx. 4000 species) have not been recorded in any Chinese monograph before. Ferns are arranged according to the system of Ching Renchang (1978), gymnosperms according to Zheng Wanjun's (1975) system, and angiosperms are arranged according to J. Hutchinson's system. Detailed descriptions of each species, including Chinese and Latin names, synonyms, main morphological characteristics, flowering, fruit stage, growth habit, origin and distribution, main reproduction methods, as well as landscape application.
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